At Breakawave we’re in the business of COMMUNITY.

Not just engaging within it; but being the connectors who help to build it. Think back to the last time you referred a friend to a product or service you loved. If you are like most, it happens frequently and effortlessly. As people we naturally share amongst our friends and family.

Now you can, all while getting paid to support the brands and businesses you love. In a dream world, how would your bank account shift if every honest like and enthusiastic referral translated into a generous financial reward? You pour praise into a product to your people, and in turn receive a gift back to you.

What a perfect circle of good merit. It’s not just a good idea; it’s bloody brilliant. ​Almost ​as if this is the natural order of how money should be created and circulated.

We call this commerce conscious, because it’s intelligent by design. As the global economy changes, more and more are moving to business models that inherently support, uplift, spread wealth & resources. ​Conscious commerce falls under the following foundational pillars:

  • Integrity
  • Sustainability
  • Community
  • Service- Based
  • Heart Lead

This is the exact model in which Breakawave was built and these High Values are seamlessly woven into every aspect of our Brand Architecture. We provide the tangible framework to holistic solutions for companies and individuals who are looking to FLOURISH & THRIVE​.

You are:

  • A business offering goods or services looking to attract more clientele and receive Concierge support & rewards to your existing clients
  • A naturally caring and enthusiastic community member who loves to SHOP & TALK​ about the gems you find locally
  • A heart lead entrepreneur looking to create new income streams

We call these solutions win- win- wins, and their impacts are profound for all players involved.

Want to join the movement?


– Written by Bella La Quatra

in collaboration with: