Our mission is to empower you with the right tools, training and community to create a life of value and purpose using business as the vehicle.

A paradigm shift happens in business when you move beyond ‘selling to others’ to ‘serving others’.

You have the power to help anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Welcome to the Smart Business Recipe.




Have you ever put time and effort into selling a good or service only for the sale to fall through?

Often it’s because they don’t need what you have or they find a better solution.

As a freelancer or business owner, running short on customers can cause stress and uncertainty. You may know someone experiencing this due to the effects of COVID19.

The questions is…how can we increase our value to our community? 

The answer?…become a ‘one stop solution’, Business Concierge!

As a Breakawave Concierge making sales is irrelevant because your earning power is compounded by every single interaction. Every persons problem becomes your opportunity to serve and earn.

By shifting your focus to the relationship more than the outcome, you create more meaningful connections, better results and a much greater earning capacity.

All you need to do is ask the question “What do you need?”

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