Jonathan is the Director and Founder of Breakawave. He has over 15 years experience in direct B2B & B2C sales & marketing in the media and education industries.

During a chance encounter at a development course in June 2013, Breakawave’s founder & CEO Jonny Baird met John Graumans, Director of 2worksmart, entrepreneur and mentor to over 1800 entrepreneurs.

John and Jonathan immediately formed a strong business relationship. In 2014 he began a year long intensive entrepreneurial training with John & Michelle Cullen, a 25-year veteran in executive coaching and CEO of 2worksmart and founder of Life Ownership.

Having been deeply impacted by the idea of ‘adding value” to help people, this became the core foundation for Breakawave.

During Breakawave’s inception, Jonathan identified 3 challenges in business:

  1. The time and money people spend finding goods & service solutions
  2. The cost businesses face in acquiring new clients
  3. The increasing amount of people wanting a more ‘working from anywhere-anytime’ lifestyle,

The winning solution became clear…

Win – Businesses & individuals access a complimentary Concierge Service, to save time and money by connecting goods & service providers to meet their needs.

Win – Businesses become Preferred Suppliers to receive new referred clients and only pay a small fee on guaranteed jobs.

Win – Training and supporting people who are ready to create the ultimate lifestyle working anywhere, anytime.

Thus the concept of Breakawave’s ‘win-win-win’ Concierge Reward Service began.

Why the name Breakawave?

We believe in breaking away from the norm and thinking differently. During the creation of Breakawave the question was asked, how can we create a wave of smart business?

The Ripple Effect

“The ripple effect reflects on the very nature of affecting change: how one small stone tossed into a body of water causes a ripple effect with an almost never ending forward notion.”

We are excited at what possibilities the future holds… have you joined the wave, Breakawave.